Welcome to Mabula Pro Safaris

What You’ll Experience

Mabula Pro Safaris offers privately owned wildlife reserves spanning over 20,000 acres in South Africa’s Limpopo Province and the renowned Kalahari. Over the years, our strong industry relationships have extended our hunting and photographic safaris to Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Uganda. Our unrivaled Safari Experience keeps clients returning year after year.

Located only a brief two-hour drive to the north of Johannesburg, within the captivating Limpopo Province of South Africa, you’ll discover the main Lodge, which serves as the vibrant center of our safari operations. Additionally, Mankwe Kalahari Lodge, nestled in the North West Province, offers luxurious accommodations along the beautiful border with Botswana.

Earning the ‘Visited & Verified’ Badge

Mabula Pro Safaris proudly carries the ‘Visited & Verified’ badge, a distinction presented by The African Hunting Gazette. This world-leading, financially and editorially independent magazine not only awards this honor but also hosts its own African Hunting Expos, publishes its magazine, and is based in both Africa and North America. This badge underscores our dedication to exceptional service in the hunting industry and our unwavering commitment to delivering the promise of a truly authentic African Safari. We’re thrilled to share our passion for ethical hunting, conservation, and the sustainable use of Africa’s natural resources with you.

Christo & Stella Gomes

Meet Christo Gomes – The Man and Mabula Pro Safaris

Christo Gomes, born on December 4, 1964, inherited a love of hunting from his father, Henry. Christo’s journey began at the age of 8 when he shot his first Kudu. Despite being a hunter, he has immense respect and love for nature and its wild creatures. Hunters, like Christo, are some of the world’s best conservationists.


Transitioning from cattle farming to game farming in 1995, Christo recognized the importance of sustainable game farming. Venturing into the trophy hunting industry, he selectively harvests mature male animals to protect breeding populations. New bloodlines ensure excellent trophy quality.

Mabula Pro Safaris is a family-run outfit, led by Christo and his wife, Stella. From your arrival to the end of your safari, we’re here to make your African Safari a dream come true. We handle trophy dip, pack, and shipment, so you can relax and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.


Christo has built Mabula Pro Safaris into a successful hunting outfit with a high success rate, excellent trophy quality, and satisfied clients. We strive to provide the best service and hunts.

Our vision is unwavering, rooted in these principles:

  • Employing strictly ethical hunting practices at all times
  • A total commitment to the environment, conservation, and ecological sustainability
  • Employing professional, highly skilled, and experienced personnel
  • Maintaining the highest standards of safety, accommodation, and service
  • Providing the best quality trophies through carefully selected concessions and Mabula’s private reserve.


Stella and Christo,Judy and I want to thank you for the “safari of a lifetime”. My 58++ inch kudu with 13 inch bases was the absolute highlight of my hunt (in the last 30 minutes of daylight on the last hunting day). I have been hunting for this trophy since 1988 and your tenacity and hard work, not to mention animal quality, made it all possible. I have also been hunting for a really good bushbuck since 1988 and again you made it happen with a 16++ inch heavy horned trophy bushbuck. Judy shot a magnificent sable antelope of 38++ inches. With her crossbow she also shot an old mature impala with terrific mass in the horns and a great blesbok finished her allotment of animals for this trip.

We were truly amazed at the quality of all the animals we observed. It is obvious that the Mabula Pro Safaris game management and conservation program is one of the best. I have to mention that the accommodations, the food, the staff and the entire ranch are fantastic. Everything we experienced was absolutely “first class”.Our road trip through Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe was filled with adventure. Stella and you are wonderful and knowledgeable tour guides.

Viewing Victoria Falls was one of the most awesome sights I have ever seen. Boat rides on the Zambezi River, helicopter rides over Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, elephant rides to view wild game and all the wonderment of the beautiful countryside was worth every minute. What an enjoyable 5 days.Thank you for all your efforts during the entire 14 days we had with Mabula Pro Safaris.We can’t wait to get back!!

Sam and Judy Rhodes

Dear Stella and Christo,

I wanted to express how much we cherished our safari with Mabula Pro Safaris. From the moment we touched down in South Africa, there was a warm welcome, with someone there to greet us at the airport and drive us to the lodge. Upon arrival, a delightful dinner awaited us, shared with everyone. It felt like an instant connection, brimming with conversation and laughter, paired with a five-star meal. Your diverse menu left us in awe, and the food was exceptionally well-prepared and presented. The experience of the fire pit, where the meat was cooked, left a lasting impression; it was a delightful experience that we plan to replicate at home.

Our room was a sanctuary, adorned with captivating African art sculptures and curios. The rooms were meticulously clean and refreshed daily. I can’t commend your staff enough – Mary, Anna, Katherine, Shorty, Phillip, and the numerous others whose names I might not know – all exuded warmth and cheerfulness. The grounds were impeccably maintained and felt like a slice of paradise.

When it comes to your professional hunters, Jurie and Ruan, words fall short to describe their excellence. Our hunt with Jurie was nothing short of astonishing and remarkable. We couldn’t have imagined bagging all the game animals we did. We had an absolute blast and forged a friendship with Jurie that will endure for years to come. He is not only a skilled hunter but also a genuinely good person.

As for Ruan, our experiences in the delta, at the border crossings, and at the Zambezi Sun were made extraordinary because of his presence. We couldn’t have wished for a better guide. His unwavering commitment to our well-being and safety was evident throughout our journey.

Every one of you contributed to making this trip unforgettable, from the very first day to the heartfelt toast on the mountain. We are eagerly looking forward to returning.

Warmest regard

James & Sharron

My wife & I spent 2 weeks with Mabula during Summer 2015. It was an incredible experience. We took 10 animals, all of exceptional quality. All were fair chase and all were an experience to remember. My wife rode on the truck every day and helped me and my PH spot animals.

The lodge and food were 5-star and so were the people…Christo, Stella, Dewald all made sure everything was perfect during our stay. The only thing that eluded us was the Eland. I told Christo that gave us a reason to come back and experience the Kalahari ranch next time.

Ron and Sharon Burchett, Terrell, Texas

Hello Christo & Stella,I just wanted to Thank-You for a fantastic trip!I am not sure I can put into words what a great experience we all had at Mabula Pro Safaris. You operate a first class outfitting business the animals are excellent quality and accommodations are second to none.All 10 of us enjoyed our safari with you and felt the trip to Kruger was excellent and allowed us a couple days to adjust before the hunting started.

Your staff is incredible from the professional hunters to the ladies serving dinner they took care of every detail during our trip and did it with a smile. On another note what can I say about your support of our chapter’s participation in the “SCI Blue Bag Program”. The two schools you found for us to drop off the 600lbs of supplies are exactly what we where looking for. We look forward to working with you on this project for years to come! Again on behalf of our group Thank-You for an excellent safari.I can’t wait to bring my family over and hunt with you!

Tim McKinnon

Christo,Although I already told you how pleased I was with the opportunity I had to hunt with Marthinus serving as my assigned PH, I wanted to take this opportunity to specially commend him for what he did for Mary and me during our visit. From my perspective your PHs are positively the most critical front line ambassadors you have for the exceptional hunting services you provide your clients. They spend the most time with your clients, and how well they do or do not do has a tremendous impact on the quality of the hunt a client has and on whether or not a client will book for future hunts and on whether or not a client will recommend your services to his or her friends.

I assure you that Marthinus, from start to finish, did an absolutely outstanding job on your behalf. He was exceptionally professional and courteous to Mary and I at all times, and he made sure everything we did was in full compliance with the instructions he received from you and the other landowners we came in contact with. He also clearly demonstrated that he was especially skilled at helping me select first rate game animals and making sure I was in a position to make good shots so that my chances of recovering my game was optimized. Overall, he helped me achieve hunting successes and experiences that were far beyond my expectations, and this was especially noteworthy considering how many quality animals I was able to harvest in the relatively short time I was there. His efforts also made Mary’s experiences really informative and interesting, and that is indeed remarkable given that Mary has never hunted with me or anyone else, and given how extremely difficult it is for Mary to witness how hunter’s harvest game animals of any kind. Our whole visit could have turned out to be a very disappointing experience if Marthinus had not done all he did to make sure he looked after Mary as well as he looked after me, and Mary and I both very much appreciate all that he did. As you know I also had the opportunity to hunt with F.C. for one day, and he also represented you very, very well.

I commend both Marthinus and F.C. for their professionalism, and I commend you and Stella for having quality people like this on your staff. You are indeed fortunate to have them. I personally commended and thanked Marthinus myself when I bid him farewell at the airport, and Mary did too, but Mary and I wanted you to know firsthand from both of us just how much we appreciated what he did for us. He is definitely the PH I will request to hunt with me the next time I get to visit you, and he is also the one I will recommend to anyone I refer to hunt with you.Thanks again to you and Stella for the great hospitality and friendship you extended to us while we were there, and please pass on my and Mary’s thanks again to all of your hard working and professional staff—the maids, cooks, skinners, PHs, etc., for all they did for us.

We now have very many fond memories of all of you and our trip, and we will have a lot of fun telling all of our family members and friends about the experiences we had with you in South Africa. We will also be looking forward to our next opportunity to visit with you again both here in the States and there at your beautiful home.Until we are able to see you again, take good care and please pass on to all your staff, and especially Marthinus, my and Mary’s sincere thanks for all they did for us.

Scott Smith